Taking Melbourne by storm, Muscle City Gym 24/7 is the greatest gym to open up in a while. Just come and have a look, trust us, you will not be disappointed. We have made it our mission to suit all your needs, no matter what it is, Muscle City Gym 24/7 has it all. We are your ultimate fitness centre.

Look at the list:
- On demand, 24/7 available Reformer Pilates studio, Females Only gym, and equipment in every corner
- Supplements with price match guarantee. We stock all the main brands like Rule1, Optimum Nutrition, Redcon1, Faction Labs, Muscle Nation, EHP Labs and more!
- Fresh meals at the highest quality
- Personal Training services to keep you on track

This is your fitness centre, join our family today!
Plus much much more. Muscle City Gym 24/7 is your one stop shop.
Enquire on our page or call us for more information. Muscle City Gym 24/7 will not disappoint.

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Do you know a fitness centre with all this?
Once you join us at Muscle City Gym 24/7 you will be blown away by the amount of support and encouragement you will receive. We pride ourselves on our customer experience, we don’t just sign you up and send you on your way, we follow you on your journey, we celebrate your wins and help you with your loses, we are not just a gym but a lifestyle at your ultimate fitness centre.
Do you want to be a member with us? Sign on online today!